Jewelry Care and Maintenance

Caring for your Annabelle Jones jewelry is simple. First, it is very important to store your jewelry in an enclosed area and protect it
from humidity and pollution in the air. Your jewelry comes with a handmade anti-tarnish pouch in order to help protect your piece
when you are not wearing it. Second, you should consider storing your piece in a jewelry box or drawer to further prevent tarnish and
protect your piece from getting crumpled or crushed.

If your jewelry becomes tarnished, please follow the simple instructions below for safely removing tarnish. Do not attempt to scrub off
tarnish or use jewelry polishes for cleaning your Annabelle Jones Jewelry. The harsh chemicals and abrasives in most jewelry polishes
will actually damage the surface finish and cause tarnish to become worse over time.

You can easily re-shape your jewelry, should it become a bit crumpled or flattened. Generally, a little light bending with your fingers is
sufficient to restore the shape of your fine silver jewelry. For detailed instructions on re-shaping your "Bloom" jewelry, please see below.

In the event that your jewelry becomes grossly misshapen or damaged in some other way, please
contact me to arrange repair of your
Cleaning your fine silver jewelry requires a few supplies that
you probably already have around your house.
You will need:
  • a stainless steel stockpot
  • aluminum foil
  • baking soda
  • a stovetop
  • your jewelry

To remove tarnish safely:
  1. Line the stockpot with aluminum foil.
  2. Add water (enough to cover your jewelry with three inches
    of water.
  3. Sprinkle about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of baking soda into the water
    and stir.
  4. Place your jewelry in the bottom of the lined stockpot.
  5. Warm the solution on the stove at the lowest possible
    temperature. DO NOT BOIL!
  6. Check your jewelry every 5 minutes to see if the tarnish is
    gone. The tarnish will eventually jump from your jewelry
    onto the aluminum foil.
  7. When all the tarnish is gone, remove your jewelry and
    rinse with fresh water. Recycle your foil and discard the
  8. Lay your jewelry on a towel or cloth to air dry.

If the tarnish doesn't seem to be coming off, make sure that the
tarnished area is touching the aluminum foil and let the water get
a little warmer.
Fluffing your Bloom Rings and Jewelry is easy and will restore
it to its original shape. All you need is a pencil, pen, or knitting
needle. Slide the pencil into a loop and GENTLY pull outward to
re-shape the loop. Work your way around the bloom until all
loops are restored to their rounded shape.